Use Cases

With the Gaio platform, the possibilities of data analysis are endless. Get started with a few of these insights.


Treat different customers in different ways. Through customer segmentation, your organization can become more effective in obtaining greater Return on its market shares, as well as strengthening its relationship with customers through an improved understanding of their characteristics.
Find more relevant clients for your campaigns, create your marketing campaigns, monitor their progress, automatically evaluate results and make better campaigns based on the previous ones.
Gaio directs your organization towards the ideal mix of products to be offered to your customers, introduction of new products, pricing, targets, category composition, profitability and other analyses.
Relationship depends on a two-way exchange. Gaio will elevate the level of relationship between your organization and your customers, through an automatic reaction to their actions, that is, your customers will understand that you know who they are, that you respond to their actions, and, above all that, that you anticipate their wants and needs. This becomes possible through defining rules from which the company will act in response to their customers’ actions.
Campaigns can cannibalize other campaigns from within the same organization. Through campaign optimization solutions, it becomes possible to detect which are most relevant and avoid customers buying too much at once, followed by long periods with no purchases.
Continually evaluating diverse metrics related to your products is fundamental to directing your organization’s strategies towards a more profitable business and greater growth. Gaio will show you strategies which make it easier to choose a group of products to be commercialized by your company, with the view to maximize profitability and gain market participation.
Knowing whether a campaign generated the expected impact on customers will allow you to be more assertive in your company’s market communication.
Knowing your clients down to the smallest details is only possible through Database Marketing, where beyond your customers’ characteristics and behaviour, you will discover their future tendencies, allowing you to create immediate actions to anticipate your customers’ behaviour.
Discover thousands of associations between your organization’s products and improve sales with offers that are truly relevant to your customers.
It is common sense that conquering a new customer is a lot harder than holding on to current customers. Therefore, knowing when a customer is about to leave your organization is fundamental. With Gaio’s predictive models for customer retention, you can reduce the amount of customers leaving, increasing your customer base.
Creating offers in which products and discounts are combined can generate either profit or loss. With Gaio’s models, we create profitable combinations based on the expected demands for the combos.
With each of your customer’s purchases, the Gaio System will set off a survey of satisfaction evaluating that particular point of contact, which will allow the execution of actions that can reverse bad contacts made with customers and bring you closer to those who have had good experiences with your organization.
It is common sense that the cost of customer acquisition is often higher than the cost of maintaining the current customer base. Considering this, Gaio elaborates strategies and analytical processes that will increase the rate of client fidelity, generating better results for your organization.


Os fornecedores são muito relevantes em qualquer organização. Uma gestão eficiente é fundamental. Para isso, a Gaio oferece soluções para avaliar constantemente seus fornecedores e monitorar para que os resultados de sua organização sejam maximizados.

Gaio simplifies Goal Planning by automating, defining, distributing, monitoring and re-evaluating the entire process including the definition of Goals based on data and projections, generating consistent goals and a more motivated team.
Discover through Gaio’s solutions where your company has great growth opportunities by analyzing the consumption potential of different municipalities compared to their geographic performance..
Determining the prices of hundreds of products that maximize your company’s profitability may not be an easy task when taking into account inventory, competitors, volume x unit profit, and several other variables that can be incorporated into optimization. Gaio can increase your profitability by identifying optimized prices for each product in your mix.
You know when a customer acts in an unexpected way and you would like to get a full breakdown of the history, behavior, interests, and future actions that a customer might take? Well, Gaio has a solution that allows you to get to know any customer in depth, at any time.
Who would be the best salesperson to serve a specific customer? With sophisticated optimization models, Gaio can maximize your sales with the team you currently have. In addition, your team will be more satisfied as you reach your goals.


Knowing how much your customers will demand makes all the difference. You will drastically reduce lost sales from lack of stock and reduce purchasing and production expenses on stock that has been stored in inventory for long periods.
Having a standard in products and services has been the rule for several decades. Gaio helps you monitor, standardize and correct deviations from the quality standards predefined by your organization.
Being able to simulate results in face of the change of several variables in your environment is fundamental for the strategic management of your company. Gaio develops solutions that allow the construction of scenarios, supporting the decision-making of your organization’s management.
Being able to experiment before implementing any action is extremely relevant, as you will know in advance what works and what doesn’t. Gaio has several statistical techniques to help you use the best option.
Through Linear Programming Models, it is possible to determine the best combination of products to be generated by your company, maximizing profit or revenue.

Credit and Invoicing

Default can mean lost resources. Anticipating default avoids unnecessary conflicts and expenses. With Gaio’s predictive models, this becomes an automatic process, generating ongoing savings.
Having precision in how much to lend to each of your customers will allow your organization to optimize the return on that capital investment. Gaio builds scenarios demonstrating how your organization can be more assertive in releasing credit.
With the data that is already stored in your company, it is possible to define the profile of customers who may not honor their financial commitments. Thus, you can restrict the credit of these customers, allowing resources to be granted to customers who are good payers.
Mischarging poses serious problems for an organization. Through analytical processes, Gaio helps you to reduce this error, generating a reduction in unwanted expenses.

General Management

Through quick, easy-to-manage reports that you can browse through to visualize all the details of your operations, Gaio allows you to know in depth all areas of your business, thus supporting your decision making.
Have all your organization’s data in one place and be able to explore it in every possible way, including graphical views that will help you make decisions quickly and manage your business effectively. With Gaio’s Business Intelligence solutions, you will understand the reasons behind all of your business performance.
Seeing the technical details of the operation and automatically monitoring deviations from expected behavior is made possible with Gaio’s solution that provides treatment, analysis, projection and publication processes of information about your operation in a graphical interface.


Planning and forecasting the Revenue Budget through the organizational structure of your organization, based on sales history and market trends.
Planning and forecasting the Expenditure Budget by the organizational structure of your organization, based on purchase history.

Risk Management

Detecting fraud as quickly as possible reduces expenses with customers who won’t pay for the services received. Gaio, through sophisticated statistical models, detects abnormal behavior and flags customers who may be cheating your organization’s business rules.
Identify the behavior of suppliers inside and outside the organization. Gain visibility of the reputation of suppliers, protecting the organization’s image.

Human Resources

Knowing whether a campaign generated the expected impact on customers will allow you to be more assertive in your company’s market communication.


In addition to the wealth of data that your organization already has, it is possible to add relevant data that can contribute to the detection of opportunities such as the detection of regions with high consumption potential and low reach from your organization.


Determining which products should be allocated to which distribution centers considering logistical costs, taxes, profitability and other variables will reduce your costs, increasing your profitability.

Stock Optimization

High stock means stagnant money. With Gaio’s predictive models, you can reduce your inventory level to an overall minimum, therefore providing working capital for your organization’s growth.


The proposal of the Data Warehouse is to unify all data sources in the organization in an environment that is easy to understand and access by all employees. You will instantly see everything that happens in your organization, and can act based on facts and data.