Frequently Asked Questions

Gaio System

Yes. The Personal and Business versions will be free forever. Gaio’s general resources are available on both. To better understand the difference between the versions, access here.
None of the versions of Gaio include servers. Therefore, you should install Gaio wherever you want it..

Yes. As well as using the platfom, you can contract professional services from Gaio, where methodologies developed by Gaio and for Gaio will be applied.

The monthly fee for an Enterprise license varies depending on the size of the servers to be used. For definition of the size, the client should fill out a sizing questionnaire, offered by Gaio. That way, you will be clear about the size of the server that will be adequate for your reality.

No. There are no limits to the amount of lines, users, applications or essential resources. The Enterprise version has some functions aimed toward large companies like the Microsoft Active Directory, but all of the analytical funconalities of Gaio are available on the free versions.
Yes. You can build analytical applications within Gaio and commercialize access to them. You can even charge per user, company or even application. What is not permitted according to the Terms of Use accepted at the time of installation, is charging a licence to companies to use Gaio, since this is free.